Monday 19 November 2007

One week ago

Well, things have settled down a little since the funeral. Somebody in the Church had the idea to buy a gift for our brother Mick. Mick is originally from England but has lived in Northern Ireland for years now. He developed ME and was so bad that he used to lie in bed wile his mother fed him and gave him drink through a straw because he was so weak that he couldn't lift a cup. Because of this he thought of ending his life many times but thankfully wasn't physically able to carry it through. He turned to God in the end and gave his life to Jesus. Since then he has had a very slow recovery and six years ago when I first met him he was attending Church services once every three weeks. Now he gets every Sunday morning, Sunday evening and to the mid week prayer meeting and song practice.

Anyway, many years ago he used to be interested in photography, having his own dark room, and so the idea the Church member had was for us to have a whip around and buy him a really good digital camera. Everybody has been so generous, so much so that there is enough for a tripod and extra card!

We gave him the camera and last night, when we took our tea break during the Bible study, Mick used his new camera to take pictures of a little celebration we had for our sister Katie's birthday! He is now the official Church photographer!!!

Above is a photo of a model Noah's Ark that Mike made himself. It has lots of tiny figures and we have it displayed in out Church centre. It is beautifully made.

If you want to read Mike's life story click here and Katie's story is here... enjoy!

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