Monday 19 November 2007

Three weeks ago

We are continuing to attend the discipling Bible study that is on most Sunday evenings at the Church centre. It's a tough study and very challenging but very worthwhile. There is a fair bit of homework to do but you get the chance to go through a LOT of scripture and so I am learning. We take turns minding the children, so this week I stayed home and looked after them here! We watched a movie and eventually the boys headed upstairs to play with Sean. They all ended up taking turns sliding down the stairs... It's the simple stuff that gets them in the end!!!

A couple of times this month my neighbour Becky invited us to go to the Bally Mac to collect conkers and fallen apples, and then we headed off to Ravensdale forest for a nature walk. It's just beautiful this time of the year and my very favourite places to be in the Autumn.

On one of the outings Niall came along with us and took Sean's archery set and Rhys's paint gun and the boys had a good time!

It's just too easy to miss this beautiful time of the year.I really have to make the effort not to miss it because it can go by so quickly.

Church members and missionary's Jeff and Jean are moving back to the States. We are all sad about this for different reasons and I think I will do a separate post about this later on. They have two children that my son Sean has been close to since he was three. So as a parting gift we decided to get the children from the Church and the children from this estate that has had contact with Peter and Grace through the Bible Club and the Drama Club, and put together a scrap book that they can take back home to the States with them.

Horses for courses! This week we also had early morning and late night visitors in the form of horses! The local travelling community have horses in a near by field and because children have broken the fence of the field where the horses were so they could get in to ride their quads, the ponies got loose and decided to try out the sweet tasting grass on out green!! It was a beautiful and strange sight that a lot of the children and parents came out of their homes to have a look...

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