Saturday 29 September 2007

Church lilfe. (Ruth)

The life of our family is lived and hopefully built around the Church here in Dundalk. It is a small Church with about 30 members in it, and if you like you can check out the Church Web Site. I joined as a member soon after I was converted and baptised in November 2001. I love the Church/people and they are my family. Our pastor is Stephen Murphy and he has his own blog here.

Every Sunday morning we start at 10.30 with two separate Sunday schools for adults and children, followed by the Church Service at 11.30. For the first half hour we sing to the Lord, pray and announce any updates of news and events. Then at 12.00 Stephen preaches until about 12.45.

We normally have an evening service every Sunday but recently we started a Bible study; BCF Self Confrontation Manual for in-depth Biblical Discipleships developed by John C. Broger.

About every month or so we skip the evening service and instead have lunch in the centre after the morning service, which is really lovely as everybody brings along something to eat and we all have a chance to get together and catch up on news and what's happening in our lives.

Every month we have the Lord's Supper where baptised believers can join together and remember what Jesus did for us, that He is returning and share bread and fruit of the vine (grape juice) with one another in remembrance of Him.

During the year we normally do different sorts of outreach.
We get a supply of 4you Magazines. We give these out in Co Louth.
Every Christmas we also get a number of Christian calendars and give these out too.

Every Monday evening between 7pm&8pm on Dundalk FM 100, our local radio station, Stephen, Kevin and Niall host a Christian show. We are in our third year with this show and it is broadcast around the Dundalk area, however anybody around the world can listen in on the Internet.

We give out free Bibles, CDs, booklets etc, in the area on a regular basis and have over a thousand Bibles to hand out shortly in the Blackrock area.

In the upcoming weeks we are having a week of special meetings given by Clark Lowery who is pastor of CROSSROADS BAPTIST CHURCH in Wiggins, Mississippi, USA. Clark worked with our Church for many years and he and his lovely family are old friends of the Church.

Also we are soon to hold a Creation Conference and have invited Dr Monty White who is Chief Executive of Answers in Genesis (UK)

We also have a Children's Bible Club most weeks during the normal school term in an estate in Dundalk called Clontygora Court. This has been running for more than 4 years and has a Summer Holiday Bible Club for a week every Summer.

Most months the women in the Church get together for a women's meeting. At the moment we are planning a couple of nights away in Dublin after the Christmas holidays which should be interesting... So we're are saving our pennies!!

Well, if I can think of anything else about the Church we are joined to, I will add it in at a later stage, but for now this is it!


Hello, and welcome to the MacCárthaigh family blog. For any visitors who don't know us, we are a family of three, Niall, Ruth and our son Seán. We became a family on the 3rd of November 2002 and you can read Ruth's story here and Niall's story here!

Niall is originally from Mullingar in Co. Westmeath and Ruth from Blackrock in Co. Louth; Seán was born in Newry, Co. Down. Niall is a TV Man and is involved in Church work, working with children, co hosting a Christian radio show etc., Ruth home schools Seán, keeps the home, has a small cleaning job and works with children in the area in a Bible Club. Both Niall and Ruth are joined to the local Baptist Church.

Hope you enjoy the read and feel free to contact us if you want to...